Steak House Ichigo Official Website

Steak House Ichigo Official Website

CONTACT US 087-880-5009CONTACT US 087-880-5009

First restaurant on Shikoku specializing in Olive Beef.
Premium Japanese Black Beef from Sanuki cattle feed on olives from Shodoshima Island.


Job offer for people who want to develop new skills
and start their own business.

We are looking for people who are ready to join us
and make our restaurant even better.
We provide steady salary, welfare program and great working environment.

Careful selection of beef for everyone's safety and security
We want to provide you the best quality of Olive Beef,
so we choose only Gold Label cattle from trusted raisers,
and buy whole cows that are raised specially for us.

Recruiting information

Company name Steak House Ichigo
Address Ōta Shimo-machi 2306, Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture
TEL 087-880-5009
Job description (Contract Employee) Server, Cook (high hourly wage)
Wages Evening/ 1,000-1,300 yen per hour (After 22:00/ 1,250-1,625 yen per hour)
Day/ 950-1,050 yen per hour
※Training period (1-3 months) Evening/900 yen per hour, Day/850 yen per hour
※Hourly wage may change monthly
(Length of training period depends on one's abilities.)
Work location Ōta Shimo-machi 2306, Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture
Working hours Day/9:00~15:00 Evening/17:00~24:00 
※Actual work hours - 8
Day off 2 days a week (5-6 days monthly)
Other informations Bonus system, welfare program, parking place, uniform
Qualifications No experience needed, restaurant and food service skills welcomed

If you are interested, please call us.
We will answer any question

Steak House Ichigo TEL 087-880-5009